About Our Farm

Located in Central CA, our small farm was founded upon a focus of providing physical and spiritual sustenance to our community through farming, farm/Biblical instruction, and hosting Biblically-based programs and events which serve to bring the community together in fellowship and service to one another and to the Kingdom of God.

EST. 2010


Founders of Safe Haven Sustainable Farms, Bryan and Karla have been married for 32 years. Inspired by God's word, His creation, and a passion for teaching righteousness through agriculture, the couple aims to impart God's wisdom to people through various ministries including Growing In Torah (college-age training), Messiah West Coast (summer camp), and Safe Haven Fellowship (weekly fellowship & Biblical feasts).


Growing in Torah

A seven-month training program  integrating farming with Scripture to teach valuable life skills like hard work, dedication, patience, tenacity, and humility, with the goal of applying these principles beyond agriculture.

Messiah West Coast

MWC is not only MEGA fun, but it's an amazing place to grow in your relationships with your Creator and other like-minded friends. You will love the teaching, fellowship and worship.

Safe Haven Fellowship

All are invited to join us for our weekly gathering of believers in the Central San Joaquin Valley. Every Saturday, we meet in Orosi and start our time of fellowship with praise and then study scripture. Afterwards, we join one another for a pot luck meal (biblically clean food!) and finish up with a time of prayer.